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Physical Therapy for Back Pain: Is it Worth it?

By A.S. (staff writer) , published on January 05, 2023

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There’s nothing worse than back pain giving you constant reminders of you getting old. Even lying in the bed or sofa all day tires you. You might be thinking it's the mattress or the resting position but even changing those doesn’t help. So what should be done if your back still aches despite all the efforts?

Most people experience back pain with the passing years. It is one of the main reasons for regular visits to the doctor. 



Physical Therapy for Lower Back Pain 

It is very important to know the cause of your back pain before taking physical therapy sessions. The underlying problem may have arisen due to bad posture, sleeping position, a sprain, or strenuous work. Normally, the pain goes away on its own after a few days or with conventional treatment like heat massage, over-the-counter medication, or resting. 

If it worsens with the passing days, there might be serious problems like herniated discs, kidney infections, bowel issues, arthritis, or cancer. In such cases, you should seek medical help. The doctor might recommend physical therapy along with the treatment of the underlying disease. 



What to Expect During Physical Therapy Session

On your first appointment with a physical therapist make sure to wear loose comfortable clothing as you would have to move a lot. The doctor will test your muscle strength, posture, and range of motion before devising a customized physical therapy plan. 

The physical therapist will examine your back alignment and suggest exercises that will help in the healing process. These may include low-impact aerobics, stretching, strength training, manual therapy, and electrical stimulation. 




Physical Therapy Benefits for Lower Back Pain

A personalized plan curated just for you!

Having your own physical therapist can help you achieve better results in a shorter time. The doctor will create a physical therapy plan customized according to your body's needs. Physical therapy can not be successful with a one-size-fits-all approach. Every individual’s needs are different depending upon their age, gender, size, eating habits, health conditions, and lifestyle.


Save you from surgery

Physical therapy can resolve lower back pain issues and immensely reduce the chances of surgery.


Reduced back aches

The main goal of physical therapy is to target the areas that trigger pain. It helps strengthen the muscles providing extra support to the joints and hence, reduces pain. 


Increased flexibility and motility 

Reducing pain is a priority but flexibility is equally important. Stiffness and lower back pain can prevent you from stretching, kneeling, or bending. This may impact your daily life and work. A physical therapist can help you restore all movements and get your flexibility back. 


No need for painkillers

Physical therapy can eliminate the need of using OTC or prescribed painkillers. The exercises provide much-needed relief to the patients and solve the issues rather than numbing the pain. 







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