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By A.A. (staff writer) , published on October 06, 2021

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There's nothing wrong with having wrinkles. Some facial lines can be appealing and enhance the facial look. Many people would prefer to keep things under control. It might be difficult to reverse the look of wrinkles once they have developed without adopting medical or surgical treatments. There are, however, activities you can take and lifestyle adjustments you can do to delay their onset.

Moreover, lifestyle adjustment and taking care of health can slow down the development of wrinkles. 


Causes of wrinkles 

Skin aging is a normal process, it can be explained that there is a clear difference between the skin of a young child and the skin of a 90-year old. 

The production of collagen decreases with the advancing age, causing the skin to lose elasticity. The number of factors that increase such a process, including pollution, exposure to the sun, and certain lifestyle behaviors, might exacerbate this process.

On the other hand, skin dryness and skin thinning are also normal as you get older. The chances of having wrinkles increases when your skin lacks the hydration and volume it formerly possessed1.


Maintain a good skincare routine

To keep your skin hydrated, it is critical to moisturize your skin regularly, but you should also search for moisturizers that have suitable components that have been shown to help prevent the symptoms of aging. To avoid wrinkles and maintain skin suppleness, seek the following components in face care products:



They prevent the skin from harmful effects of the atmosphere or environment. 


Hyaluronic acid: 

Holding a large amount of water is a property of hyaluronic acid, providing a hydration boost to the skin, as well as healing capabilities that help prevent skin damage such as tears in the surface of the skin. 


Coenzyme Q10:

Coenzyme Q10 is a vitamin-like substance present naturally in body cells whose activity is affected by aging. Q10 is a potent antioxidant that boosts the skin's energy production, promoting skin elasticity, regeneration, and healing. 


Vitamin C:

Vitamin C also prevents skin wrinkles because of its property to repair the damaged skin, and promote skin regeneration. Vitamin C also has a potent antioxidant effect.


Drink more water 

The chances of wrinkles increase when you don't drink enough water which causes the skin to become flaky and dry. That's why it is recommended to drink 2 liters of water daily to keep your skin and body healthy. Maintain proper hydration during summer because sweating during exercise causes more water loss2


Avoid the sun

The main cause of wrinkles is direct and excessive exposure to the sun. Countless studies reported the development of wrinkles due to exposure to sunlight. One study conducted in New York reported that exposure to the sun is more critical as compared to hereditary. People who avoided sun exposure showed fewer wrinkles and appeared younger overall than people who had more sun exposure.


Don't smoke

While some findings are still questionable, an increasing number of studies are demonstrating that skin aging is directly related to cigarette smoking primarily by releasing an enzyme that breaks down collagen and elastin, which are key components of the skin. Sibling studies conducted at the Twin Research Unit at St. Thomas Hospital in London discovered that brothers or sisters who smoke had skin that was more wrinkled and up to 40% thinner than the non-smoking sibling.


Get adequate sleep

Your body produces too much cortisol when you don't get enough sleep. Cortisol is a hormone that breaks down skin cells. The chances of wrinkles are reduced when you rest properly. That will help your body to produce more human growth hormones that keep skin elastic and think and prevent wrinkles.


Trade coffee for cocoa

Researchers discovered that cocoa with high amounts of two dietary flavanols (epicatechin and catechin) protected skin from sun damage, enhanced circulation to skin cells, affected hydration, and made skin appear and feel smoother in a study published in the Journal of Nutrition in 2006. 


 Eat more fruits and vegetables

The antioxidant components of vegetables and fruits help to fight against free radicals. With the use of fruits and vegetable skin looks young, soft, and more radiant. It will also prevent photo aging3


Perform Daily Facial Exercises

You may exercise your facial muscles in the same way that you tone up other muscles in the body. The wrinkles on your face are filled in when your facial muscles expand. To tighten your skin you can use anti-aging facial workouts to smooth out wrinkles. Daily face exercises have been shown to increase collagen and elastin production, which are both important for younger-looking skin4




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